I bow before you in greeting, I - King of Clubs, which from now on I will reveal to you secrets of science and magic tricks that will help you to learn it. I welcome with a deep bow both the youngests who are just beginning their adventure with education and books and those who explore the mysterious world of knowledge and volumes for about half century, and still they are not satisfied by words and the information they found.


My Kingdom of Education is divided into several areas:

  • in one part there are plenty of useful information for those who find school competitions and contests as a challenge that specifically stimulates them to action,

  • to the the next part I invite fans of reading and books, you will find there reviews of interesting books or libels on the weak ones,

  • section for people of all ages, i.e. tips and tricks how to learn more effectively,

  • in the school section useful informations about different schools will find parents whose children have a choice of their next educational institution,

  • there will also be space for people who, despite his advanced age still desire to be students, they will find in this section the basic information on the Universities of the Third Age.


Feel free to read!